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Career change back to school and life update

Career Path

I had decided to start all over again with school, by pursuing my MBA in Transportation Logistics. While I have fallen in love with operations, it still leaves me rushing home to fulfill my technology needs. Let’s face the facts, I am a Nerd. At home I am always working on a WordPress plugin, my own CMS in PHP, Minecraft plugin in JAVA,  or some tech related project. So while I like the fast paced stressful environment of operations, my passion will always be software engineering and application development.

After a conversation with my regional HR manager, I decided to get into a position that I can be passionate about. While discussing my progress with my education and goals with lets call him Mr. KC, He was asking what my original major was and I told him that it was computer science. In response He asked me how much I liked my original major. I explained to him that I loved computer science and that I spent a good portion of my free time working on tech projects. What Mr. KC told me next really changed my career path.

“Two out of five candidates we interview have their BBA or MBA.
We are growing in technology as a company and over the next few
years we are going to need more Computer Science majors.
You already have one leg up on the competition.
Finish your Computer science degree.”

I decided to take his advice. Apparently there is a major technology hub for the company just 32 miles from my new apartment. I looked into the requirements and I match all of the requirements except the degree. So that is where my next topic begins.

Back To School

As a result of my conversation with MR. KC, I immediately called my adviser and scheduled to meet. It appears, I will be going back to school in fall and knocking out all my prerequisites. I will CLEP and AP out of everything that I can before transferring to Millersville University. Taking care of my prerequisites at a community college is the most fiscally responsible thing to do. Between savings and college reimbursement through my career, I should graduate debt free.

Life Update

Update From “Weight loss, wealth building, and buying home”

I am 50lbs down in my weight loss. Just like usual the first 75 or so just seem to melt off. Once I hit that threshold again I will really have to start reducing portions and watching things more closely.

We are snowballing our debt. We should be debt free in four months.

My credit score hasn’t changed, as it has only been a couple weeks since my last update. We have however decided to wait on our house purchase. We will be taking an apartment closer to my work that is about 300 a month less. The gas and time savings alone make the move worth it.


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