Kumi the Syrian Hamster

Our Newest Family Member Kumi the Syrian Hamster

Kumi Danumi the Syrian Hamster

During Memorial Day weekend we decided to take Brucie to Pinchot Park to see the Wonderful Amphibians exhibit. We got lost trying to find the correct entrance to Pinchot Park and Brucie fell asleep. On our way home we discussed how disappointed he would be as a result. Fortunately I had the mind to route us to the nearest Petco instead. Upon arriving at Petco we showed him the lizards and amphibians. We were looking at the mice and Brucie expressed how badly he wanted a mouse. Having had hamsters and mice growing up, I knew that a hamster would be a much better option for our family. Brucie picked out a white long haired Syrian hamster which he named Kumi Danumi, or Kumi for short. Not having had a hamster in a very long time, I didn’t realize that the cage we were buying was too small.

DIY Cage Project

After doing some research on Hamster Hideout Forums we discovered that the Critter Trail cage we purchased was far too small for a Syrian hamster. After our realization we went to Walmart and purchased a plastic bin, rodent playpen, duct tape, Nuts, and Bolts. I already have a jig saw at home that I use for various project. In the future I may post my build on here as we were considering replicating it at some point. On our way home we stopped at PetSmart and found some large corrugated tubing meant for rats. I figured I would rig the tubing between the Critter Trail and the DIY cage. The end result was good and Kumi loves his new home

Wheel Problems

Poor Kumi is too big to run inside his initial wheel and always tried to run on the outside of it. As a result Kumi went flying across the cage and ended up sometimes hitting the bars. A free trial of Amazon Prime solved that problem. I purchased an 11 inch wheel that delivered on the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend.

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