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It has been over 5 months now and the politics wars on social media are still raging strong. It is becoming difficult to wade through the waters of political nonsense to be able to find the relevant stories that I enjoy. I understand twitter and Facebook to some extent but even there, it has gone on for long enough. It should never have even reached LinkedIn or tech journals/blogs that I subscribe to. Alas nothing is sacred anymore.

I may need to go on a mute/remove spree in my social media world in order to get to relevant topics again. The reason I followed, befriended, or networked with most of my social reach to begin with was due to my interests. Finding out up to date new about those interests has become increasingly difficult. I keep waiting for everything to normalize again.

Nobody at work knows who I voted for and likely nobody reading this knows either. I keep my political beliefs to myself because they have no place in business. The only people who know are in my immediate house hold and maybe my parents.

B list celebrities and artists

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From a marketing perspective I get why a lot of B listers are stepping into the political spotlight. The tactic of being controversial in order to stand out has been used in PR since the beginning of time. From a human perspective I understand the drive to want to stay relevant.

On a personal level I feel that some of you are alienating your core fan base. When I subscribed to you b-list sci-fi personalities it was to find out about local con’s, cult fan art, new toys, comics, and everything “Nerd”. I never cared who you voted for, who you spent your personal time with, your gender identity, or anything pertaining to your personal life. Wasn’t there a big deal made for years about celebrities being able to maintain their personal life? When I subscribed to you artists that the mass media deemed irrelevant, I did so out of interest. What you do appeals to me and I still want to know about your upcoming gig’s, events, and collaborations. Again with this group, I don’t care about your personal life.

Assuming that I am not the only core fan who is feeling this way. Where will you be when this short fast paced thrill ride is over? What do you do if you have alienated a portion of your core, and the in the moment people have moved on to something else? In my opinion this is like a flash bulb vs LED scenario. In case you don’t get this analogy. A flash bulb shines extremely bright before it burns out. a LED omits less light than a flash bulb but can sustain on the same amount of energy for a very long period of time.



Services like LinkedIn that are for business networking are not the place for politics. Some are just blatant political articles. Some are quite clever at wrapping political agenda into a business article. Stop It! Politics continue to creep into places meant for the business world. I have even been seeing politics in unlikely places such as Kotaku. If you absolutely must continue to beat a dead horse, Please keep it to the platforms it belongs.



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